Judging Criteria


Why should my students participate?
InvestWrite offers your students a chance to think critically and learn subject matter that easily answers the common question, “How can I use this in the real world?” Along with math, economics, language arts and other disciplines wrapped within the program, the premise of earning and investing money speaks clearly to all ages. The opportunity to win prizes ranging from computers to pizza parties to Wall Street "experiences" in New York City, gives them a tangible goal to shoot for.

How much additional time will I need to learn the InvestWrite curriculum?
Everything you need to know is on the website. Other than discussing the topics with your students and giving them a little direction, you’re done. InvestWrite is designed to enhance The Stock Market Game program without adding planning time to your current curriculum demands.

Why do I have to pre-register for InvestWrite?
So we can better serve you. The information you provide will facilitate the judging and the distribution of awards to you and your students. It will allow us to know how many students are involved and help us to more efficiently communicate important InvestWrite news and award notification to you.

How many essays can I submit? 
You can submit ten teacher-judged entries per qualified classroom and only one essay per student.

How long does it take to submit InvestWrite entries?
Just a few minutes. All you have to do is fill in a few information boxes (i.e. your contact info, student’s name, etc.) and cut and paste or type in the InvestWrite entry into our online submission box. PDF documents can not be accepted. 

Is the contest free to enter?

Are there any special requirements for participating?

The only requirement is that you and your students must be participating in The Stock Market Game program in Spring 2017 or the year-long 2016-2017 session and your class must have a valid team login ID and password.

With whom do my students compete?

InvestWrite offers a national competition component while allowing your students to compete as individuals with other students of the same level all over the country.

Do my students work in teams or individually?
Individually. Here’s a chance for students to take what they have learned as a member of their team and apply their critical thinking and writing skills individually.

How and when are InvestWrite winners notified?
Winners and finalists are contacted by a representative of the SIFMA Foundation via phone or email. Participants can expect to hear the results approximately 10 to 12 weeks after the close of the competition.

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