Need help with login ID?

If you cannot remember your Stock Market Game program login ID, please contact your state coordinator for assistance.

Please note: Only Spring 2017 or year-long 2016-2017 Stock Market Game program teachers with registered participating student teams are eligible to enter InvestWrite .

Stock Market Game Program Login ID:

Your user login ID has three sections separated by underscores:

1. The coordinator identifier
If your state has one coordinator, your coordinator identifier has two upper case letters. If your state has more than one coordinator, your coordinator identifier is two upper case letters and a number: i.e., NY2.

2. A one- or two-digit number, which is the index of the game dates you are playing

3. The unique user number

For example, look at the following user name:
IL is the coordinator identifier.
8 is the game index.
T24574 is the unique user number.
Don't forget to enter the underscores!

Your password is initially set up by the system. If you change it, you must remember it.
Remember: The system is case sensitive.

Technical Assistance or Questions

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