Judging Criteria

Judging Process

The first round judge is you, the teacher. Once you have selected the top ten essays from your class and submitted them to the national InvestWrite competition they will be scored by four additional judges. The national judges are members of the Securities Industry that support the SIFMA Foundation. Each essay is scored based on the following three criteria which are equally weighted.

Understanding of the Subject Matter

Does the student exhibit knowledge regarding the concept of researching and planning an investment strategy? The student should address the scenario using relevant terminology and display an understanding of the core concepts of the stock market in the scenario.


Is the essay thoughtful? The written argument should be presented in a manner that indicates there was a logical thinking process involved in addressing the assignment.

Writing Style

Is the student's work interesting to read? Does the written response encourage the reader to continue reading to the conclusion of the essay? Students have an opportunity in this exercise to exhibit the ability to communicate thoughts in an engaging and inviting manner, rather than focusing on grammar and spelling.

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